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Published: 1/30/2021 Last updated: 1/30/2021
Time converter is an amazing tool which enables making any type of time conversion – both time unit and time zone. Click here and enjoy effortless time conversion with our time converter for free.
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Time is one of the most precious things in life. It is not possible to replace it with anything else. You couldn’t multiply or buy it. But… You can calculate the time. What do we mean? We mean the conversion of time units. But not only. Also the calculation of the time zones. You can do it automatically, in one place, just using the time converter. Do you want to know more? So keep reading.

What is the time converter? What kinds of calculations can you do with its use? How to use it? The answers to all these questions, you will find in the next parts of this article. But firstly we want to focus on the term ‘time’. We said it is a precious thing, one of the most precious things in life. But now we want to tell you a little about a more theoretical aspect of time. So let’s start.

First things first. We will start with the definition of time. So what is it? The time can be defined in two different ways. The first one says that time is an indefinite continued process of existence or continuous sequence of events in the past, present and future. The second one is as follows: time is a measured period and described with the use of time units.

As you can see, there are two aspects of time. First, which focuses on a continuous and second, which focuses on particular, separated periods.

Time, like any other measurement, is described with the use of dedicated units. What are they? The base unit of time is second. This unit comes from the International System of Units (SI). You can also use minute and hour to describe time. These three units are used to measure quite short periods of time or to define which time it is.

Besides these three units, there are a few more, which describe longer periods of time – day, week, month and year. We are sure you know these units of time very well. All of them are used in everyday life by so many people.

You can also see all these aforementioned units down below:

  • second,
  • minute,
  • hour,
  • day,
  • week,
  • month,
  • year.

It is also possible to distinguish more specific, scientific time units, like the galactic year, but we are not going to focus on them in this article, because such conversions are extremely rare.

Let’s back to the units of time, which we gave you above. We said before, that all of these units are used by many people every day. So does it mean that these units are used all around the world? Yes. When it comes to time, there is no problem with using different units in the world, like it takes place in the case of length, weight or temperature.

To sum up – time is measured by using the same units of time in the whole world. But… It doesn’t mean that around the world is the same time at the same moment. Why? Because of the time zones. The time zones differ worldwide. It is caused by legal, commercial and social purposes. So, for instance, if in Berlin (Germany) is 12:00 AM, it doesn’t mean in the New York (USA) is also the same time.

Does it sound complicated? Don’t worry. We are going to show you a solution to make time conversion in an easy way – both the conversion of time units and time zone conversion. Keep reading and know our amazing tool – the time converter.

Time Converter – basic information

The time converter is an online app which enables any kind of time conversion. With it you can convert time units and also time zones. Everything in one place. It is a very convenient solution, don’t you think? But it is not the only one advantage of the time converter.

The time converter makes all aforementioned conversions quickly. To be honest, quickly is not a proper word. Our time converter will give you the correct result in less than a second. So you can make time conversion totally effortless and in a flash.

What’s more? Our time converter is available for every one of you. There is only one requirement to use it – access to the Internet. If you have an Internet connection you can use our time converter wherever you are and whenever you need. All these without register or login. And for totally free.

You need one more thing to know to use our time converter without any problems – a quick instruction. So here it is.

  1. To make the time unit conversion you need to enter the number of the time unit which you currently have, then pick this unit and at the end pick the time unit in which you want to get the result.
  2. To make the time zone conversion you need to pick the city and time, then you have to pick another city in which time zone you want to get the result.

Now you know everything which you will need before the first use of our time converter. At the end, we want to show you two examples calculated using this tool.

Time Converter – see its results in practice

A first example – you know that the film is 157 minutes long and you want to calculate it into hours. With the use of our time converter, you will get a proper result in less than a second – 157 minutes is equal to 2.61666667 hours. It is possible to write this result in another way too – 157 minutes is equal to 2 hours and 37 minutes.

And the second example – for instance, you are in Washington DC in the USA. It is 6:00 PM. You want to know what time it is in London in the United Kingdom. After picking all these data in our time convert you will get the result – when it is 6:00 PM in Washington DC, it is 11:00 PM in London.

So it is time to make your move. What are you going to convert using our time converter? Try it out and see all capabilities of our time converter for yourself.