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Published: 1/23/2021 Last updated: 1/23/2021
The area converter, an amazing tool which would change your view of area conversion. Click here, save your time and energy (money too) and enjoy effortless conversion of the area.
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Are you tired of calculating the area on your own? We have something, which you might be interested in. We have for you the area converter – a tool, which would change your view of the calculations. What does it mean? You will see that the calculations can be easier than you have ever thought. Just imagine totally effortless area conversion. It sounds amazing, isn’t it? Keep reading and know more about our area converter.

So let’s start the article. At the beginning, we want to tell you some information about the area. It will be a quick reminder about this term. Maybe you will learn something new about it also. Then we will move on to the main point of this text, that is to the area converter and, of course, a practical example with its use.

But first things first. What is the area? Obviously, you can see it every day. Your whole flat has its own area, walls which you want to paint also have the area, or even the field on which your favourite team plays football. So you probably are aware that the area is all around you, and can give many examples. But do you know the definition of the area? Can you explain it?

The area can be defined in a few different ways. The easiest definition is as follows: the area is a particular part of an object or a place. Let’s see it from the other side. This definition will be a little bit more difficult – the area can be described as the space which is occupied by a particular flat shape or the surface of a particular object.

The area can be also defined in a mathematical way. The definition in this case will look like this – simply put, in math the area is defined as the quantity. To be more precise, this quantity shows the extent of the two-dimensional figure or shape. We are sure that this definition seems the most complicated. But don’t worry, calculations of the area do not need to be so complicated, we will prove it in this article.

But focus on the area for a while now. The main problem with area conversion is there are so many units of area. It is difficult to remember all of them, especially with formulas. For instance, in the USA the area of the flats is usually given in square feet. In turn, in the continental Europe the commonly used unit to measure area is a square meter.

The units of area are not only one problem with the area conversion. The value of the area is not always a round number. It is not uncommon to see the value of the area with many decimal places. Calculating such numbers on your own can be tiring and take so much (precious!) time. And, of course, it is very likely that the mistakes will appear.

That’s why we made our area converter – to make area conversion quick and easy, with the guarantee of an accurate result. Containing all the area units and formulas, so you do not have to remember any of them. It sounds so easy, isn’t it? More about our area converter (and effortless area conversion) you can find down below.

Area Converter – know our tool inside and out

Why do we want you to know our area converter inside and out? First, we do not have anything to hide. Second, we are confident of our area converter. Third, we want you to know exactly what you will use and what you can expect. We think it is a fair approach. So let’s know the area converter better.

So start from scratch. What is the area converter? Simply put, it is a tool, which enables you to make the area conversion totally effortless. Do you not believe us? It is quite understandable, but… we have proof.

To make the area conversion on your own you do not need so much time, but is this really a quick method? Let’s check it. Calculations on your own (it means using a paper and a pen, not a physical calculator), depending on your math skills and numbers which you need to calculate, will take at least 1 minute on average.

How much time will take the area conversion with the use of the area converter? Just a few seconds to enter the data and less than a second to see the result. Do you see the difference?

What more can we say about our area converter? It is possible to use it everywhere and every time. The area converter needs only an Internet connection. The device which you will use doesn’t matter. It can be a smartphone, laptop, etc. And… You do not have pay for using it. We give it to you for free.

Are you still unconvinced? See an example down below.

Area Converter – see an example before use

Imagine you want to buy a flat. You find the perfect one, but the value of the area is given in square meters, not in square feet. For instance, the flat has 70 square meters. Calculate this number into square feet using our area converter.

The accurate results calculated by the area converter will be shown in a flash – 70 square meters is equal to 753.47372916968 square feet. After rounding off the result to two decimal places it will look as follows – 70 square meters is equal to 753.47 square feet.

And a little comparison. We got this result with the use of our area converter in 10 seconds. In these 10 seconds, we entered the number, picked the unit of area which we had and the unit of area which we wanted to get.

We also tried to calculate it on our own. We wrote the conversion rate from square meters to square feet and started a timer. We used a full conversion rate (1 square meter = 10.76391041670971 square feet) and didn’t use a physical calculator, only a paper and a pen. It took us a little over 1 minute. The winner is obvious.
Save your time and energy with our area converter and enjoy always accurate results. Click here and see for yourself that the area converter is the easiest and quickest way to convert the area.