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Metric conversion from inches

Published: 11/21/2020 Last updated: 11/21/2020
Metric conversion from inches can be easier than you think. Learn how to make metric conversion from inches to cm and metric conversion from inches to mm – all in one place and in the easiest way.
Metric conversion from inches
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Have you got your result but in inches instead of a unit from the metric system? Don’t worry. We are here to teach you how you can make a metric conversion from inches – in more than one way. What does it mean? You will find here not only a formula for your own calculations but also a special tool for those of you who prefer ready-made solutions. In short, you will find here everything you need to make a metric conversion of inches in a nutshell.

Before we move on to the practical part, we want to give you an answer to one of the commonly asked questions, that is – what is the metric conversion? Simply put, it is a conversion which enables calculations from non-metric units to metric units. In this article we want to focus on a metric conversion for inches mostly.

Are you wondering if there are more than one kind of inch? Are US inches the same as UK inches? Formerly these two kinds of inches were different but it was a slight difference. Nowadays the US inch and UK inch are the same. What does it mean in practice? You do not have to use two different formulas or pick other functions in an online calculator.

We hope we dispelled your doubts about metric conversion and inches, so now we can move on to practice. In the next part you will see formulas for metric conversion from inches and examples explained step by step.

Metric conversion from inches to cm

As you can see in the title of this part of the article, we will start with a metric conversion from inches to cm. Without any further ado, we want to show you a inches to cm metric conversion formula. You can find it down below:

The number of inches * 2.54 = the result in centimeters

It’s quite a simple formula, isn’t it? You just only need to do one thing – multiply two numbers. So let’s see this formula in practice.

For instance, let’s convert 5 inches to cm. So what do you need to do? Just multiply 5 by 2.54. It gives 12.7. So 5 inches are 12.7 centimeters.

You can use this formula also to reverse calculations. It means, after a little transformation, you can use it as a convert metric to inches formula. Just replace the multiplication sign with the division sign. It will be like the following:

The number of centimeters / 2.54 = the result in inches

So try this formula too. Let’s convert 15 cm to inches. Divide 15 by 2.54. It gives 5.905511811023622. This decimal notation has many numbers, so it will be better to round off the result. For instance, round it off to two decimal places. The final result is 5.91, so 15 centimeters are 5.91 inches.

You know now how to make a metric conversion from inches to cm, so we want to also show you how you can make a metric conversion inches to meters. The formula for inches to meters conversion is down below:

The numbers of inches * 0.0254 = the result in meters

It is time to see a practical example also with the use of this formula. Let’s calculate 60 inches to meters. Multiply 60 by 0.0254. It gives 1.524. So 60 inches are 1.524 meters.

We want to show you two more conversions. This time we will teach you how you can make a metric conversion feet and inches to cm. What is a formula for feet and inches to cm conversion?

The number of feet * 30.48 + the number of inches * 2.54 = the result in centimeters

So let’s see this formula in practice. Convert 5 feet and 7 inches to cm. Multiply 5 by 30.48 and 7 by 2.54. It gives 152.4 and 17.78. Now add these two results together. The final result is 170.18 centimeters.

And the last conversion in this article. We want to show you how you can make a metric conversion cubic inches to liters on your own. As in the previous examples, the formula is given down below:

The number of cubic inches * 0.016387064 = the result in liters

Let’s try to make calculations using this formula. Calculate 454 cubic inches to liters. Multiply 454 by 0.016387064. It gives 7.439727056. You can round off this result, for instance, to two decimal places. So the final result is 7.44 liters.

With the use of this formula but a slightly modified you can also make a metric conversion to cubic inches. How? Just divide the number of liters by 0.016387064 and you will get the result in cubic inches. Have a look at a new formula:

The number of liters / 0.016387064 = the result in cubic inches

And an example: Let’s convert 6.2 liters to cubic inches. Divide 6.2 by 0.016387064. It gives 378.3472133873402. After rounding off to two decimal places the final result is 378.35 cubic inches.

At the end of this paragraph, we want to tell you about an easier and quicker solution for metric conversion to inches. To be honest, not only to inches. With a metric conversion to inches calculator you can make every conversion which we showed you before.

How to use a metric conversion to inches calculator? Just enter the number, pick the unit which you want to convert and the unit in which you want to get the result. Three simple steps, nothing more. Your result will be shown in a second. It is an effortless, quick and totally free solution. Metric conversions to inches and other non-metric units can’t be simpler!

Metric conversion from inches to mm

We also want to mention another function of our converter. With this app you can make not only metric conversion to inches but also reverse calculation, for instance, metric conversion inches to millimeters.

Let’s see a practical example calculated with the use of our metric conversion calculator inches to mm. What size is 3/8 inch in MM? Just enter this fraction in a conversion calculator, pick the inches as a unit you have and the millimeters as a unit you want to get. Your result will be 9.525 millimeters. So size 3/8 inch is 9.525 mm. Using our calculator is so simple, isn’t it?

It is time to make your move – discover the most powerful tool for metric conversion from inches, that is a metric conversion to inches calculator. See for yourself that it is possible to make calculations without any effort!

Inches to millimeters conversion table

Inches (") Millimeters (mm)Centimeters (cm)
0.01 ″ 0.254000 mm2.54 cm
1/64 ″ 0.396875 mm3.96875 cm
1/32 ″ 0.793750 mm7.9375 cm
1/16 ″ 1.587500 mm15.875 cm
0.1 ″ 2.540000 mm25.4 cm
1/8 ″ 3.175 mm31.75 cm
1/4 ″ 6.35 mm63.5 cm
1/2 ″ 12.7 mm127 cm
1 ″ 25.4 mm254 cm
2 ″ 50.8 mm508 cm
3 ″ 76.2 mm762 cm
4 ″ 101.6 mm1016 cm
5 ″ 127.0 mm1270 cm
6 ″ 152.4 mm1524 cm
7 ″ 177.8 mm1778 cm
8 ″ 203.2 mm2032 cm
9 ″ 228.6 mm2286 cm
10 ″ 254.0 mm2540 cm
20 ″ 508.0 mm5080 cm
30 ″ 762.0 mm7620 cm
40 ″ 1016.0 mm10160 cm
50 ″ 1270.0 mm12700 cm
60 ″ 1524.0 mm15240 cm
70 ″ 1778.0 mm17780 cm
80 ″ 2032.0 mm20320 cm
90 ″ 2286.0 mm22860 cm
100 ″ 2540.0 mm25400 cm