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Published: 1/30/2021 Last updated: 1/30/2021
The measurement converter – an online app which enables making any kind of measurement conversion. Convert length, weight, volume and many more. Easily and quickly. For free.
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The measurement converter is one of the most universal converters at all. Why? Because the term of measurement is not homogeneous. It means there are more than one kind of measurement. And in all of them is more than one unit. Does it seem difficult? But it doesn’t have to be. More about measurement, its kinds and their units, you will read in the next parts of this article. We will also tell you a little about our tool – the measurement converter – which will make your measurement conversion as easy and quick as you have never expected.

First things first. Before we move on to the use of our measurement converter, and practical examples, we want to focus on a theory. So let’s start.

What is meant by the measurement? We said only that this term is complex. Now we want to explain it to you better. Simply put, the measurement can be defined as the dimension. To be more precise, it can also be a figure, extent or amount which is obtained by measuring. But that’s not all that we want to tell you about it. It is possible to distinguish a few different kinds of the term of measurement.

What are these kinds of measurements? Have a look. There are 7 different kinds of measurements:

  • Length,
  • Width,
  • Height,
  • Weight,
  • Time,
  • Volume,
  • Temperature.

We want to briefly describe all of them, so let’s start. The length is a measurement used to identify the size of an object. The length is a distance between two points. So, to sum up, thanks to the length you know how long an object is. An example from everyday life – the average length of a ruler is 15 centimeters (or almost 6 inches).

The width is a measurement similar to the length. So what is the difference? The width is used to measure the distance between the two sides, not points. An example from everyday life – when you want to buy a T-shirt, it is very common to see the width in size tables. For instance, it can be 45 centimeters (or almost 18 inches).

The height is also quite similar to the two previous kinds of measurements. It is used to measure someone from feet to head or something from base to top. So thanks to the height you know how tall somebody or something is. For instance, an average male height is 180 centimeters (or almost 6 feet).

The weight is a totally different kind of measurement than the previous ones. It is possible to explain the weight as a heaviness of a person or thing. Another possible definition of this term is the amount or quantity of heaviness or mass. Simply put, thanks to the weight you know how much somebody or something weighs. For instance, the average weight for a person who is 6 feet (almost 183 centimeters) tall is about 140-177 lbs (or about 64-80 kilograms).

Three kinds of measurement are left. Time is such a kind of measurement which does not need a huge explanation. As simple as possible, time can be defined as the duration. It can be also explained as a measured or measurable period. For instance, it is commonly known that 1 hour is equal to 60 minutes.

Second to last kind of measurement – the volume. This term is defined as an amount of space that particular object or substance occupied. An example from everyday life – if you buy water in a bottle, you can see, for instance, that the volume is 1.5 liters (or about 50 fluid ounces).

And the last kind of measurement, that is the temperature. How can it be defined? The temperature is the degree of hotness or coldness measured with the use of definite scale. It is also the degree of internal heat of the human’s body. For instance, the normal human body temperature is accepted as 37°C (or 98.6°F).

So many kinds of measurements complicate a little measurement conversion on your own, especially since in every of these kinds are so many units. We specially put values from every previous example also in another unit in brackets, because we want to show you that the measurement conversion is necessary nowadays. And we have a solution thanks to which you will do the measurement conversion without any effort – our measurement converter.

Measurement Converter – how it can help you

The measurement converter is an online app, which is able to convert any unit of any kind of measurement into another unit. How is it possible? Everything thanks to a special algorithm which contains all formulas of every unit from every kind of measurement which we mentioned before.

What’s more? The measurement converter, thanks to the aforementioned special algorithm, will give you the final, accurate result in less than a second.

The last few things you need to know. Our measurement converter is a free app, which you can use wherever you want and whenever you need. There is only one condition to use it – an access to the Internet.

It sounds amazing, isn’t it? So have a look at an example and see all we said about our measurement converter is true.

Measurement converter – see its capabilities in practice

Imagine you want to go to the shop. You check the nearest location and see that the shop is 5 kilometers away from you. But… You are not sure how far it is because you use miles instead kilometers normally.

With our measurement converter,you will get the result quicker than you think. Just enter the number, pick the unit of length, which you currently have and the unit, which you want to get. And after these three clicks you will get the result – 5 kilometers is equal to 3.10685596 miles.
Try our measurement converter and make any measurement conversion you want. Save your time and energy and get the guarantee of always accurate results. For free.