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Published: 2/6/2021 Last updated: 2/6/2021
The power converter – tool for making powerful conversion of any unit of power. Quickly, easily and for free. No more mistakes, no more wasting your time. Click here and try it on your own.
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Not every of our converters can be named as general. There are also a few more specific converters. One of them is the power converter. We know that power is not a thing which you convert everyday. But sometimes it is needed to make the power conversion. Do you need to convert the power units too? Here you are. We have for you the power converter. A tool, which will make your power conversion so much easier. Keep reading to know more.

Which issues will be raised in this article? Of course, as the title says, we are going to focus mostly on the power converter, but not only. We will also tell you a little about the power too. Why? Because the theory is a must. It is a base of all types of conversions, also the power conversion. But don’t worry – this part won’t be long. We will show you only the most important information.

As you can see, this article can be named as a compendium. It will help you understand the term of power, process of making power conversion and use of the power converter. So without any further ado, let’s start.

As we said before, we will start with the term of power. This term is not as often used as a length or weight, so it can be a little bit more problematic to understand it. But we are going to explain it to you clearly. Let’s focus on the basic thing now – what is the definition of the power?

The power, when it comes to physics, is the amount of energy which is transferred or converted per unit time. In other words, the power is the rate of the work done in the unit of time. The symbol of the power is ‘P’. A little tidbit – formerly the power was sometimes called the activity.

The ratio of the power looks as follows:

  • 1 P = W/t

The power is a scalar unit. It means it can be described by the real number. Is it still too complicated? Simply put, the power can be described using just a number, like 5, 10 or 15. We hope that it is clear now.

The basic unit of the power is the watt. This unit comes from the International System of Units (SI). The symbol of this unit is ‘W’. One watt is equal to one joule per second. It looks as follows:

  • 1 W = 1 J/s

The second quite commonly used unit of power is the horsepower. The symbol of this unit is ‘hp’. In comparison to the watt, one mechanical horsepower is about 745.7 watts.

There are also other units of power, like calories per hour or foot-pound per minute, but we are not going to focus on them in this article, because they are rarely used. In this article we mentioned only the basic units of power, which you probably have seen in your life so far.

At the end of this part of the article, we want to give you also some examples from everyday life but not only. For instance, the power of the Sun is equal to 4×1026 watts. And another example – the power of the football player, when it comes to total useful and heat transfer, is equal to 5×103 watts. And the last example. The power of an electric clock is equal to 3 watts.

We hope that now the theory of the power and units of power is clearer for you. So now we can move on to the tool, which we mentioned at the beginning of this article, that is to the power converter.

Power converter – know better this powerful tool

We mentioned in this article only 4 units of power, but you need to remember that there are so much more of them. And… The case will be more complicated when you realize it. But don’t worry. You do not have to remember all of them with their equivalents and formulas. All this data contains our power converter.

Simply put, the power converter is a web application dedicated to making the power conversion. As you could see above, it is equipped with a special algorithm with all power of units and formulas for their conversion. Thanks to this you can make any power conversion you need with the guarantee of the always correct result.

The algorithm of our power converter is not only the guarantee of the correctness of the results. It is also the guarantee of getting the result quickly. To be honest, your final result will be shown in a flash. It will take not even a second. So now you can see why we named our power converter as a powerful tool, right?

What’s more? The power converter is available for everyone. You just need a device with an Internet connection. The use of our powerful tool is totally free. You do not also need to login or register. After going to the page the power converter is ready to use.

Power converter – use of this powerful tool in practice

Now it is time for an example. For instance, try to calculate the power of an electric clock. As we mentioned before, it is equal to 3 watts. Let’s convert it to horsepower. How to do it? There are only three things you need to do to get the result. Here they are:

  1. Enter 3 as the number which you currently have.
  2. Pick the watts as the unit of power of this number.
  3. Pick horsepower as the unit in which you want to get the final result.

That’s it. After doing all these things you will get the result. So what is 3 watts in horsepower? 3 watts is equal to 0.0040230662773 horsepower.

Our power converter is easy to use, isn’t it? Just 3 steps and you will get the result. The whole process from entering the data to seeing the result will take no longer than a few seconds.

So it is time to make your move. It is time to enter the world of powerful conversions with the power converter. Make any power conversion you want and enjoy the correct result shown in a flash.