How much euro in dollars

We wrote few articles about how much dollar in a euro, so today we want to focus on how much euro in a dollar. In this article we will tell you something about euro, dollar, conversion of these two currencies and places where you can exchange dollar to euro and vice versa. If that’s what you are looking for, keep reading!

Let’s start with some basic information. Euro and dollar are currencies and it is not a secret. We want to tell you something more about both of them.

Begin with a euro. This currency is used in most of countries which are European Union members. To be precise, a euro is used in 19 of 27 EU members states. For instance, a euro is an official currency in France, Spain or Germany.

What’s interesting, a euro is used also by countries which are not European Union members. A euro is used in Kosovo and Montenegro. Why these countries are used euro? Kosovo is a potential candidate and Montenegro is a candidate for accession to the European Union.

On the other hand, in the European Union are countries which are used their own currency. For instance, in Bulgaria is used Lev and in Croatia is used Kuna.

These were some information about euro. So what about dollar? Probably you thought about US dollar right away – and rightly so, because we will talk about US dollars in this article. But… Do you know that there are more than one kind of dollar?

Yes, it is true! A dollar is the name of more than 20 different currencies. For instance, in Canada is used Canadian dollar. It is one of most known currencies, so probably you have heard about it. Where is used another kind of dollar too? In Singapore is used Singapore dollar. In turn, in Taiwan the official currency is New Taiwan dollar.

After this theoretical part we can move on to the main point of this article – how much euros is one dollar.

How much is euros in us dollars

Now we want to show you how much euro in us dollars and how much us dollars in a euro. Have a look:

  • 1 USD = 0.92 EUR,
  • 1 EUR = 1.09 USD.

What if you need to calculate how much euro in more than one us dollar? Don’t worry, we have a formula for you. We gave it down below:

Number of US dollars * 0.92 = the result in euro

Before we move on to the examples we want to emphasize a very important issue. What is it? An exchange rate! We used an exchange rate current at the moment of writing this article but when you are reading it – an exchange rate may vary. Please check it before calculations to make sure that you will get an accurate result.

Okay, it is time for a few examples. How much euro in 10 us dollars? You have to multiply 10 by 0.92. The result is equal 9.2 euros.

How much euro in 50 us dollars? And again, 50 * 0.92 = 46. So 50 us dollars is equal 46 euros.

How much euro in 100 us dollars? 100 * 0.92 = 92. The result is equal 92 euros.

Try reverse calculation. The formula for calculation from euro into dollars is down below:

Number of euros * 1.09 = the result in US dollars

How much is 10 euros in us dollars? Multiply 10 by 1.09. The result is equal 10.9 us dollars.

How much is 50 euros in u.s. dollars? Multiply 50 by 1.09. It gives 54.5. So 50 euros is equal 54.5 u.s. dollars.

The last example. How much 100 euro in us dollars? And again, multiply 100 by 1.09. The result is equal 109 us dollars.

As you can see, calculations from euro to dollar and from dollar to euro are not complicated. The only thing which you have to beware of is an exchange rate. If you do not use current exchange rate, your result will always be wrong.

Do you want to calculate these two currencies quicker and easier? Do you want to be sure that used exchange rate is always current? It is possible with our currency converter. You can find it on our website.

Just enter the number, pick which currency you want to convert to another and click “calculate” button. Your result will be given in a flash. It sounds easy, isn’t it?

How much are euros in dollars

Now you know how much euros to dollars. We want to raise the last issue – where can you exchange currency?

Firstly, you can exchange money in exchange office. It is one of two most popular methods to do this. It will be perfect solution for you if you need cash in other currency. Probably, like most people nowadays, you pay by debit card in most places but there are still small shops or local markets where you can pay only in cash.

Exchange offices will be also the best solution for those of you who are not into new technologies and have some problems using Internet.

On the other hand, if you prefer make everything online without leaving your home – you can use online exchange services.

This solution have one big advantage – you can use a comparison website to compare exchange rates from many exchange offices in a second! That’s why it is a second of two most popular methods of currency exchanging.

If you pick the best exchange rate, you just have to make a few more “clicks” and it is done. Money in another currency will be in your bank account in a while. It sounds perfect, isn’t it?

Of course, you can also exchange your money 24/7 using online exchange services unlike exchange offices.

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If you often spend money abroad, transfer money, exchange money – check a revolut and make your life easier.

We told you something about euro, dollar and making calculations of these two currencies. We also show you three methods to exchange your money. So we hope that after reading this article you know everything you need about how much is euros in dollars.

If you have any other question – feel free to contact us. We will help you and dispel the doubts.

Do you want to learn something about other currencies, their conversion and more places where you can exchange money? Check our other articles!

How much euro in dollars
Published: 07/19/2020
Modified: 07/19/2020