CSV to XML converter

Published: 1/16/2022 Last updated: 1/16/2022
CSV to XML converter is an amazing tool which enables converting file in CSV to file in XML. Without any effort, without paying anything, in just a few seconds. Yes, it’s true. So if you are looking for a CSV to XML converter, you found it. A perfect tool waiting for you here. If you have some doubts about using it, don’t worry. We explain everything about CSV, XML and using our CSV to XML converter. So, please focus, we are starting!
CSV to XML converter
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Definitions of CSV and XML

Our CSV to XML converter is known as a file converter. So, as you may know, CSV is a file format. CSV is an abbreviation for Comma Separated Values. As you can imagine, all values in this type of file are separated by commas. What more do you need to know about CSV? It’s a delimited text file. It is composed of a few lines. Each line is a data record. In one line can be one or more fields. And all these fields are separated by commas. Please note that CSV is not a fully standardized type of file. In some cases, it may cause problems with conversion.
As you may know, XML is also a type of file. In another case, the conversion wouldn’t be possible. XML is a short for Extensible Markup Language. It is one of the most known languages. XML defines a set of rules for encoding documents. The format of XML can be read both by machines and humans. The three most important features of XML are simplicity, generality and easy use across the Internet. This type is fully standardized. XML has been operating since 1996.

CSV to XML formula

We put CSV to XML formula in our CSV to XML converter. We don’t think there is a need to explain everything about how these two formats look inside and how to make conversion of them. Why? Because we see two groups which use our CSV to XML converter. One group are people who just need to make a file conversion, they don’t need to know anything more about the CSV or XML formats. The second group are people who are really into IT. They know exactly what CSV and XML are, know how they look inside, so they don’t need any explanation. So just use our CSV to XML converter. Ready to use CSV to XML formula is waiting for you in this tool.

CSV to XML example

If you have a file in CSV and want to get the file in XML, you just need to use our CSV to XML converter. The use of our tool is so simple. Even the people who are not into IT will be able to use it. You just need to upload your file in CSV into our converter. After clicking the ‘convert’ button and a while of working, our CSV to XML converter will give you a ready to download file in XML. Easy, right?

CSV to XML converter – use in steps

The explanation above is not clear for you? Don’t worry. We prepared a step by step instruction for you. The use of CSV to XML converter is simple steps is down below, have a look:

  1. Upload the file in CSV.

  2. Click the ‘convert’ button.

  3. Download the result, the file in XML.

Do you need a more precise result and want to set your own settings? You can set them between the first and second step, before you press the ‘convert’ button.

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    CSV to XML – FAQ

    Here you are, it’s the end of our article. But we have something more for you – a little summary of the whole article. Check the FAQ section down below and see how much you remember!

    What is CSV?

    It’s a type of file, known as Comma Separated Values.

    What is XML?

    It’s a type of file, known as Extensible Markup Language.

    What is a CSV to XML converter?

    It’s a file converter, thanks to which you can easily convert CSV files to XML files.