XML to CSV converter

Published: 1/20/2022 Last updated: 1/20/2022
XML to CSV converter is a perfect solution for all of you who need to quickly and easily convert XML to CSV. Imagine you can do this conversion without any effort, without paying anything or even downloading any program. And now you don’t have to imagine it anymore. It can be true, and it is true with our XML to CSV converter. Welcome to the world of easy XML to CSV conversion! Keep reading to know more!
XML to CSV converter
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Definitions of XML and CSV

XML is an Extensible Markup Language. As its name suggests, it’s a markup language. But it is also a type of file. And in our case, it is the most important information. XML is used to define rules for encoding documents. The format of XML is dedicated to reading both by humans and machines. It is one of the most simple languages to store data. Do you know that XML was first published in 1998? It’s quite a long time now!

CSV is Comma Separated Values. It’s, as you may know, a type of file too. There are some differences between CSV and JSON. In CSV, all values are separated by a comma, as its name suggests. Every single line is a data record. In each data record are one or more fields in which are values. And, as we mentioned, all these fields are separated by commas. That’s how it works. But remember that CSV is not standardized, so it can be problematic in some conversions.

So that’s how the similarities and differences between XML and CSV look. We are sure that these pieces of information are sufficient for you at this moment. For an XML to CSV conversion, it is even much!

XML to CSV formula

And that’s the point in which you should ask yourself – what do you exactly want from us? Do you want to learn an XML to CSV formula? Or do you want to be able to convert XML to CSV quickly and easily? We are sure that the answer is the second option. And that’s okay. That’s why we created our XML to CSV converter, which contains XML to CSV formula inside. Just use our tool. You don’t have to worry about the formula. The result is at your fingertips!

XML to CSV example

So as we imagine, you have an XML file to convert and the result which you want to get is a file in CSV. So what can you do? Just use our XML to CSV converter. How can you use it? There is nothing complicated. You just need to upload the file you have, it means file in XML. Then you need to click the ‘convert’ button to make our converter work. At the end you can download your result, the file you want to get, it means file in CSV. That’s all!

XML to CSV converter – use in steps

To make the use of XML to CSV converter clear, we have for you an instruction in step by step form too. So you can just follow the steps down below to get the result instead of reading the text above.

  1. Upload the file you currently have, it means the file in XML.

  2. Click the ‘convert’ button.

  3. Download the file you wanted to get, it means the file in CSV.

And that’s it. Now you can enjoy your new file. Do you want to set something differently? You can set your own setting to conversion before you click the ‘convert’ button. Make the XML to CSV conversion in the way you need.

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    XML to CSV – FAQ

    And that’s all we want to explain to you. You know some about XML, CSV, you also know our XML to CSV converter and how to use it. So let’s make your conversion. But before that, let’s check how much you have learned with our FAQ section.

    What is XML?

    XML is an Extensible Markup Language, a type of markup language and type of file.

    What is CSV?

    CSV is Comma Separated Values, a type of file too.

    What is an XML to CSV converter?

    XML to CSV converter is an online converter which enables XML to CSV conversion.