JSON to XML converter

Published: 1/20/2022 Last updated: 1/20/2022
JSON to XML converter is the easiest way to make JSON file to XML file conversion. Do you not believe us? This article was made to prove it to you, so keep reading. Here you will learn what JSON and XML is, what our JSON to XML converter is and how to use this tool. So if this is exactly what you are looking for, you couldn’t have chosen better. Please focus, there will be many technical pieces of information in this article. Let’s start.
JSON to XML converter
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Definitions of JSON and XML

The name of JSON to XML converter is composed of two different names – JSON and XML. So before we tell you what the converter is and how to use it, let us explain a little about JSON and XML at all.

JSON is JavaScript Object Notation. It’s a type of file. To be more precise, it’s an open standard file format. JSON is also a data interchange format, because all files are data, that’s obvious. What’s interesting, the data in JSON files is in the form of text which humans can read. You can see JSON in use, for instance, when it comes to web applications. This type of file was specified in the early 2000s.

XML is an Extensible Markup Language. Of course, it is a markup language, but also a type of file. Without it, the conversion of JSON to XML won’t be possible. Thanks to XML, it is possible to code a set of rules in a special format. Why special? Because it's human-readable and machine-readable. XML is a format used across the Internet with simplicity and generality. It's been used worldwide since 1996.

JSON to XML formula

Are you looking for a JSON to XML formula? Or maybe just for an easy way to convert JSON to XML? We think, after thinking, you will answer yes only for the second question. You are not here to learn everything about JSON and XML. You are here to quickly convert JSON to XML, nothing more. And that’s what we have for you – our JSON to XML converter, which enables quickly and easily JSON to XML conversion.

JSON to XML example

So, for instance, you have a JSON file to convert. In the final result, you want to get an XML file. And that’s why we created our JSON to XML converter. So if you want to convert your file quickly, just use our tool. There are only three steps to get the result. Firstly, you need to upload your file in JSON. Secondly, you need to press enter. Thirdly, you need to download your result. Quickly, easily, effortlessly.

JSON to XML converter – use in steps

Do you prefer step by step examples of using tools? Here you are. Down below, you will see a list of 3 steps which you need to do to get the result, so check it.

  1. Upload the file in JSON.

  2. Press ‘enter’.

  3. Download the file in XML.

That’s all, enjoy your result. If you need to change something in your file and need more specific features, don’t worry, we have it too. Just set your setting before pressing enter.

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    JSON to XML – FAQ

    And now you know everything we want to tell you about JSON, XML and JSON to XML converter. So it’s your turn – use our tool and enjoy the result. Do you want to check yourself? See a little FAQ section below to check what you remember and what you need to read once more.

    What is JSON?

    JSON is short for JavaScript Object Notation, a type of file.

    What is XML?

    XML is an Extensible Markup Language, also a type of file.

    What is a JSON to XML converter?

    What is a JSON to XML converter?